On Display
Magazine 05

On Display:
A magazine as an
extension and archive

Design Display is a series of exhibitions dealing with an extended understanding of design, which was developed for VW’s Autostadt Wolfsburg. On Display is the magazine accompanying each exhibition.

Market: Publishing
Client: onlab Visual Communication GmbH for Autostadt GmbH
Role: Art Direction
Illustration: Jochen Schievink
Photography: Nicolas Polli
Link: (get a free copy of On Display): shop.form.de

Issue 06: Democracy: Planbude Hamburg, Blockchain

2017-07-27 09.47.30
2017-07-27 09.52.18
2017-07-27 09.54.19
2017-07-27 09.55.28
2017-07-27 09.55.50
2017-07-27 09.56.45
2017-07-27 09.57.02