On Display Magazine: 
Issue 02

On Display:
A magazine as an extension and archive

Design Display is a series of exhibitions dealing with an extended understanding of design, which was developed for VW’s Autostadt Wolfsburg. On Display is the magazine accompanying each exhibition.

Market: Publishing
Client: onlab Visual Communication GmbH for Autostadt GmbH
Role: Art Direction
Collaborators: Nicolas Bourquin (Creative Direction), Christine Gückel-Daxer (Project Management), Thekla Priebst (Design), Projektbüro Friedrich von Borries (Editing), Büro Konstatin Grcic (Exhibition Design), Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik/Jesko Fezer (Exhibition Design)
Illustration: Julia Busch, Moritz Wienert (On Display 02)
Photography: Ingo Mittelstaedt (On Display 02)
Link (get a free copy of On Display): shop.form.de

The exhibition series has a fixed format: each exhibition presents side by side two projects approaching a common topic from different angles, thus creating a dialogue between the two. Projects are ranging from remarkable product and industrial design to experimental, interdisciplinary forms of contemporary practice.

The format of the On Display publication follows the exhibition’s concept of duality and dialogue. Split in two reversely printed halves, the print version can be flipped and read from either side. That way the magazine is transcending the traditional form of a “front” and a "back” cover.


On Display 02

Design Display exhibition 02: