Content the easy way.

tchop is the first out-of-the-box platform which allows even small teams to deliver a great mobile content experience. With an API-based content management system that focuses on curated content and ready-to-go mobile apps for delivering content to your employees, management or customers, tchop makes publishing super easy and fast. One of the key challenges enterprises and marketers face nowadays is how to manage and distribute digital content efficiently, especially to mobile devices. tchop enables even the smallest of teams to deliver valuable content on a daily basis, so you can maintain a successful relationship with your target group.

In close collaboration with tchop’s product manager Fabio Venneri I rebrushed the interface of tchop’s content management system in a four-week sprint.

MARKET: Publishing
ROLE: Designer
WITH AND FOR: Fabio Venneri (UX), Jacopo Bortolato (Design)